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Spiraling layers of white gold and pavé flawlessly encompass the 0.15 carat focus precious stones of these Aria Studs. The careful situating of the precious stone pavé layers makes a regular rythym, adding to the swirlling impression of the hoops permitting light to move around the jewels and sparkle with brightness. Absolute carat weight 0.36ct including two 0.15ct round splendid.

Reference #j2bu10z0


white sapphire and round white Stud Style # ECY_315333

marvelous earrings
These wonderful hoops are made with round-cut made white sapphire and round white jewels set in sterling silver. The dangle studs are secured with butterfly backs.

Alluring Studs Style # EPY_105882

withe pearl earring
These alluring studs offer 6.5-7mm freshwater white pearls and round white precious stones set in 10-karat white gold. The dangle studs are secured with butterfly backs.

princess cut diamond Studs Style # EDS_105577

diamond cut stud
Hoops shine with shimmering princess cut diamonds.diamond solitaire studs offer an examplary style to any look. Adornments is created of sparkling sterling silver.

Unique Hoops Style # EDF_023693

diamond earring
These unique hoops characteristics round-cut tan and white precious stones set in 18-karat two-tone gold. The excellent stud hoops are secured with omega backs

Heart Cut Studs Style # ECY_200610

These stunning studs are made with heart-cut, made blue sapphire and round-cut, white jewels set in sterling silver. These delightful hoops are secured with butterfly backs and flicker with a high clean stress.

Glamarous Drop Studs Style # ECY_200592

glamarous drop studs
These glamarous drop studs add a brilliant sparkle to streaming maxi dresses and chic office outfits. 18 carats of sparkly oval citrine flicker in luxury yellow gold plated silver. In the nick of time for summer, and brilliant whenever of year.

Magnificent Hoops Style # ECY_123517

These magnificent hoops are made with oval-cut made blue and white sapphires and precious stone stresses. These hoops are made of sterling silver and are secured with leverback fastens.

Round Cut White Hoops Style # ECY_122650

These dangle hoops are made with pad checkerboard-cut made sapphire gemstone and round-cut white precious stones set in sterling silver. The wonderful hoops are secured with lever backs and gleam with a profoundly cleaned stress.

Sky Blue Topaz Ring Style # 40000007

This trendy ring characteristics a heart-cut sky blue topaz focus stone and sapphires side stone with adjust precious stones set in 10-karat white gold. This enchanting ring gleams with a quite clean complete.

Wonderful Ring Style # RDX_315357

This wonderful ring characteristics adjust cut dark jewel and white jewels set in 10-karat white gold. The ring is beautified by a miligrain completed.


This sterling silver heart ring characteristics lovely milgrain itemizing and showcases a made white sapphire at its focus. Design ring is further beautified with jewels.


This men form ring characteristics a rakish plan set with an inside channel of dark precious stones. The ring is created of 10-Karat white gold with a high-clean complete.


This unprecedented engagement ring characteristics an oval-cut morganite focus stone and adjust white precious stone side stones set in 10-karat rose gold. The ring offers a two-tone textured completing